What's this?

This page generates an Ethereum Address/Private key pair that you can use to send and receive BrofistCoin and any other ERC20 cryptocurrencies along with Ether.

The Address is used to receive BrofistCoin (or other tokens) and can therefore be publicly shared with anyone. The Private key is used to send transactions from your Address so you must never share it with anyone!

Address Private key


The above public Address and Private key were just generated inside your browser. Now is the only time you will ever see this information so make sure you save the Address and Private key somewhere safe. If you lose your Private key, you will lose access to your Address permanently. We cannot help you recover your Private key because it is not stored anywhere and is not visible to us. Do NOT lose it. Seriously.

Feel free to generate a new Address/Private key pair if you don't like the current blockie icon though. It will be used throughout the network to identify your Address so you might as well get one that you like.


I made this wallet/blockie generator to learn more about the Ethereum project and how wallets (and blockies!) are created. I strongly recommend using MyEtherWallet or MetaMask to generate a secure wallet if you intend to hold any significant amount of funds on there. By using this wallet generator you agree that you are the only one responsible should anything happen to the funds kept in Addresses generated here.

In theory, since no data is being submitted anywhere, nobody can see the generated private keys except you... and that creepy looking figure behind you. However using Private keys to unlock accounts over the internet is generally considered bad practice mainly because of how easy it is for anyone to snoop whatever data you send over the network.

Anyway, If you're super paranoid you can always wait for the page to load fully and then disconnect your internet. You can still generate unlimited blockies :)