The idea of BrofistCoin was first proposed by Felix Kjellberg also known as PewDiePie on 19th of February, 2018 in his video titled How I Made My Millions! (and so can you).

In the video Felix mocks Bitconnect and everyone who were shilling it for their own benefit, especially Carlos Matos, who became an internet meme for his signature Bitconnect scream. It's recommended to watch the whole video to better understand the concept.


In case you didn't know, Bitconnect was an anonymously run ponzi scheme that offered lending and exchange services with unrealistic returns. It was eventually shut down after regulators issued a cease and desist order against the operation. A lot of people ended up losing their money and you can find tons of videos online where investors claim to have lost their life savings because of Bitconnect.

Of course in the end they have nobody else to blame but themselves for willingly giving their money to an anonymous group of people on the internet. Which brings us back to how and why BrofistCoin was born.

It started out as a joke

In his video mentioned above, PewDiePie announces BrofistCoin right after saying: " It seems all you need is an audience and make your own cryptocurrency and you can just make a lot of money " which is basically what 99% of scam ICO's have done. Just create a random cryptocurrency without any actual real world applications, hype it to the moon with the help of gullible investors and then and disappear with pockets full of that sweet investor money.

In a way BrofistCoin was first created as a joke to mock all of those scam ICO's that plagued the internet at the end of 2017. Not surprisingly many of our fans have stated that BrofistCoin suddenly feels more legit than all of the other tokens out there. Which is true considering we openly admit to copying our Smart Contract from someone else and that we offer absolutely no guarantees whatsoever. You should not invest your life savings in BrofistCoin and you shouldn't be buying it. Not even for free.

While BrofistCoin may have started out as a joke our team quickly realized that there is significant demand for the coin. In the first two weeks we distributed more than 20 million BrofistCoin to people all around the world. It started spreading like wildfire and within 4 months all of the 50 million BrofistCoin in existence were distributed to more than 70,000 addresses.

Made by fans of PewDiePie for fans of PewDiePie

PewDiePie has a massive fanbase of loayal followers who create new and interesting memes on a daily basis in the PewDiePieSubmissions subreddit. Without getting anything in return they help PewDiePie earn money by providing new content for his Youtube videos (Meme review and LWIAY).

Having personally watched every LWIAY episode on his channel since the beginning I can say that, while hilarious, a lot of the memes are either reposts or simply of low quality.

Excluding the occasional da Vinci tier fan art, it's clear that not a lot of time and effort are put into creating new memes. It's quite common to see memes quickly mashed together in Paint without any attention to detail. You can often find memes that are cut out wrong or cropped without proper aspect ratio etc.

It is our vision that BrofistCoin will be used as a meme coin (in a literal sense) to incentivize creators to come up with original content as well as fine tune existing memes in a more professional manner.

Like it or not memes are an important part of our modern culture and it is our duty to pave the way for future generations with professional looking, clever and well-thought-out memes.

We believe that the next generation of internet memes will look more professional, be more funny and serve a greater purpose because their creation was incentivized by BrofistCoin, an actual meme coin and cryptocurrency envisioned by our meme lord PewDiePie.

How does it work?

For now PewDiePie himself has chosen to stay quiet about BrofistCoin and hasn't mentioned it much apart from a couple of jokes here and there about his fans winning some BrofistCoin for creating good memes. It's understandable because given how many fans he has I'm sure he is extra careful not to promote something to his fans that may end up hurting either his own image or his fans in any way.

Therefore, at least for the time being, we are rewarding meme creators ourselves whenever PewDiePie praises their creation in one of his LWIAY or Meme Review episodes. So if you create an epic meme and it gets enough upvotes in the subreddit for PewDiePie to review it in one of his videos you can expect to hear from us soon. We will ask for your Ethereum address where we will then send a certain amount of PEW coin as a reward for your contribution to the community.

Notice: Our only official Reddit account is BrofistCoinio and we will never ask you to send us anything. So if anyone claims to be from BrofistCoin and, for example, asks for a small amount of Ether to pay for Gas in order to send you BrofistCoin, then you can simply ignore them because they are trying to trick you. We will pay for the Gas ourselves when sending out rewards!

The future of BrofistCoin

As you may have already read from the main page we are currently working on a prototype of a mini-game known as PewDiePie's Collectibles. In essence it will be sort of like a marketplace for various PewDiePie related virtual collectibles. I have to emphasize the word "virtual" so that there will be no confusion about the marketplace-thing in the future. (We are not going to start selling actual physical chairs, headphones, mouse pads or hairs from PewDiePie's face.)

The first virtual collectible will probably be the infamous CAN-YOU-DO-THIS chair which will sell for 399 PEW coins and anyone with enough balance can purchase it and then show off to their friends.

Of course since BrofistCoin is built on Ethereum using the ERC-20 token standard the possibilities are endless in terms of what we can create. With additional outside help from volunteers who know Solidity we can create full blown games like CryptoKitties and even things that haven't been thought of as of today.

Because Smart Contracts and Solidity are still a relatively new concept we have only just begun comprehending the true power of Ethereum. I have personally learned so much about Solidity thanks to working on the BrofistCoin project and I will do my best to share everything that I know here on this website.

That said, if you happen to be good in Solidity or would like to learn more together with us then you are welcome to join our team as a volunteer and help our project move forward. Feel free to join our Discord chat if you feel like you have something to contribute to our project.

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