The thing with cryptocurrencies is that everyone is just shilling it for their own benefit. So who can you really trust? It seems all you need is an audience and make your own cryptocurrency and you can just make a lot of money.

These are the words of wisdom of a legendary Youtuber known as PewDiePie who, after poking fun at the Bitconnect's pyramid scheme, jokingly announced his very own cryptocurrency- the BrofistCoin.

Are you ready to make a lot of money? Invest now guys before it's too late!

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PewDiePie wearing a suit and holding cash in hand

What is BrofistCoin?

This is the one that's really gonna take off. Trust me. I am the most trustworthy Youtuber on the platform and I'm telling you right here, right now, BrofistCoin is where it's at. We're gonna BROFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST... our way to the TOP! This is the cryptocurrency that's really gonna make it. It's gonna be great.

BrofistCoin is a fan made cryptocurrency powered by the Ethereum blockchain. You can send it to your friends and trade it on an exchange such as ForkDelta.

The main purpose of BrofistCoin is to serve as an incentive for content creators to come up with top quality, unique and funny memes for the PewDiePie's Last Week I Asked You (LWIAY) show. Each week, after the episode, we announce the top 3 meme authors who get to share a pool of 100 BrofistCoin based on the total percentage of upvotes received from the PewDiePieSubmissions subreddit.

This makes BrofistCoin a meme coin in its most literal sense! It's a meme cryptocurrency for memes that you can earn by creating more memes.

However, because BrofistCoin lives on the Ethereum blockchain, we can utilize the power of Smart Contracts to create all sorts of other cool things too.

It's strongly recommended to read our FAQ to fully understand the concept especially if you are new to Ethereum. It's worth it, I promise!

Meme Trading Cards

We are currently working on Meme related ERC721 virtual assets known as Meme Trading Cards. This means that in the near future you can use BrofistCoin to buy and sell these rare and ownable virtual memes yourself. Check out our initial concept here!

PewDiePie and Memes Related Trading Cards You might be wondering how does one acquire these Meme Trading Cards in the first place? Why, through playing our super awesome card game of course ;)

Yes, you heard that right! We are working on releasing a full blown trading cards game on the Ethereum platform pretty soon and what's even more amazing is that everyone will have exactly the same chance at receiving any Meme Trading Card simply by playing the game.

If you're interested to learn more, we have a whole page dedicated to the project over here and you can already try out the playable demo today. How cool is that?!

One more thing... since this is a project with absolutely no funding behind it, we would appreciate a donation of any kind to help us hire graphics designers, solidity developers and social media managers to really make this project awesome. Any ETH or token donations welcome: 0xa8B8DE18b2dC12e755aD9B5805f7aac3d9489C05 (Bitcoin is worthless because you can't build stuff on it so we have no need for that lol)

  • ERC20 Compliant

    BrofistCoin is an Ethereum based ERC20 compliant cryptocurrency

  • Buy, sell, trade

    You can buy, sell and trade BrofistCoin just like any other cryptocurrency here.

  • For all BRO's

    May all the BRO's become financially independently!

Airdrop is now over...

Whoa! In just under 3 months we distributed all of the 40 million PEW to more than 74,000 addresses. That's crazy!

Unfortunately this means that you can no longer claim any free PEW. In case you missed your chance you should check out ForkDelta where you can sometimes find a pretty good deal. Or better yet, why not post a really funny meme to the PewDiePieSubmissions subreddit for a chance to win some BrofistCoin?!

BrofistCoin Specifications

  • Name BrofistCoin
  • Symbol PEW
  • Decimals 8
  • Supply 50,000,000
  • ContractHere

After the airdrop ended we moved reserved funds to their own separate wallets. You can see PewDiePie's wallet here and the wallet for our Developers here. The private keys for those wallets are (hopefully) safe in a place nobody will ever look. Actually it would be cool to hide them in plain sight... HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

PewDiePie hmm


  • Feb 19'th 2018

    Watch PewDiePie's video, get brilliant idea and Buy the .io domain name. Copy & paste someone else's Smart Contract for ERC-20 token. Deploy the contract- PEW coin is born!

  • Feb 20'th 2018

    Be invited to join a team of Blockchain developers and start working on BFC, the mineable cryptocurrency forked off CryptoNote. Get a bunch of volunteers to work on marketing, social media and graphic design.

  • Feb 21'st 2018

    Make an official announcement in BitcoinTalk for the PEW token airdrop and set the initial reward to 1000 tokens per Ethereum address. PEW token officially on ForkDelta exchange!

  • Feb 27'th 2018

    Over 16 million PEW token already distributed. The project got much bigger than initially expected! A simple referral program implemented in order to raise awareness.

  • Mar 26'th 2018

    The lead developers for BFC (the mineable coin, not PEW) announce that they will no longer work on the project. PEW coin becomes the official BrofistCoin by default. Opened request for PEW coin's approval for the Reddit TipJar Bot. More than 22 million PEW distributed.

  • Mar 30'th 2018

    The first Reddit user is rewarded 100 PEW coins for their contribution in the PewDiePie Submissions subreddit. PewDiePie asked for a photo of crying PewDiePie made out of crying Markiplier photos and user mathias_- promptly delivered.

  • Mar 31'st 2018

    The internal BrofistCoin Transfer system is ready. Users can now send PEW coins to their friends easily without hassle right here on our website:

  • May 12'th 2018

    A historic milestone! All of the available 50 million PEW have now been distributed to more than 74,000 addresses. Our Smart Contract is now depleted and the only way to receive PEW is to either win a LWIAY episode or buy it.

  • May 25'th 2018

    The official whitepaper for our project is released clearing the confusion around the utility of the token. In the whitepaper we also introduce our end goal of bringing all the memes into the future and on the decentralized web.

  • Oct 13th, 2018

    Playable demo of our upcoming blockchain based Meme Trading Cards game released! BrofistCoin is widely recognized as the cryptocurrency for memes and meme authors are rewarded BrofistCoin regularly.

  • Near future...

    Ethereum based trading cards game launched. Everyone has the same equal chance at spawning ultra rare trading cards through playing the game. Getting ready for marketplace.

  • Near future...

    The marketplace for Meme Trading Cards released. Players, collectors and Bro's can now buy, sell and trade Meme Trading Cards using BrofistCoin.

  • Distant future...

    BrofistCoin recognized as a major player in contributing to the mass adoption of Ethereum! Well, at least that's our goal ;)


In case you haven't figured it out already BrofistCoin is a fan made meme coin. A joke. BrofistCoin offers no guarantees. It's definitely not a good idea to invest your life's savings in BrofistCoin. Don't buy it. Not even for free. Seriously. Do not put your life's savings in BrofistCoin. You have been warned. As of today PewDiePie has no idea we're actually doing this. He probably already knows about us. He just hasn't contacted us and isn't working together with us. So don't hold him accountable for anything that may or may not happen.

That said, BrofistCoin is a real and fully functional cryptocurrency that you can send to your friends and family. All you need is an Ethereum address to hold the coin. For more information please check out our FAQ section.

For the investor

About a week and a half after we first announced BrofistCoin at least two different teams have also started promoting their own BrofistCoin cryptocurrency. Please be advised that we are not working together with them and the only official website we have is the one you are on right now ( Every other website about BrofistCoin out on the internet is not us and is most likely scam because they are asking for real money as an investment. We never did any of that and neither are we interested in listing our coin on centralized exchanges, sorry.

That said, we have nothing against decentralized exchanges and you can trade BrofistCoin on ForkDelta right now if you like. Additionally we hope to bring real utility value to BrofistCoin through our decentralized meme trading cards game that's currently a work in progress.

For PewDiePie

Hopefully you will understand that this is a joke and won't sue us. Our main goal is to have great new content created for your meme review and LWIAY episodes by using BrofistCoin as an incentive to come up with better quality memes. Additionally we're working on implementing a reddit tip bot so that the best content submitted on PewDiePie Submissions can earn BrofistCoin as a reward for their hard work.

Obviously you, PewDiePie, will be entitled to the biggest BrofistCoin wallet! Unlike our "competitors" we are not raising any money using your trademark. We would really, really love to hear from you soon to discuss options and perhaps even work together by donating to your chosen charities should the value of PEW rise in the future. It's like you said:

We're gonna brofist our way to the top!

Our public Discord

Invite link: qufg63c