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Welcome to the BrofistCoin Crypto Mining Simulator!

Feel free to look around, but keep in mind that this isn't a real Windows desktop so things might not work exactly as you'd expect. For instance, you can only keep one window open at a time.

The centerpiece of this simulator is of course BrofistCoin.exe which is an actual working crypto miner! Go ahead, try it out now if you like.

Note that just like every other crypto miner, this too gets blocked by antivirus programs and script blocking add-ons so you might need to disable them if you really want to mine anything. Don't worry though, it's all safe. Miners are simply being blocked by default because a while ago some people discovered that you can inject them secretly to other people's browsing sessions and earn crypto without them knowing about it.

Earn BrofistCoin

Mining without getting anything in return is not cool... so I made it possible to earn BrofistCoin when you mine with this simulator ;)

The only requirement is that you pass the simulator your Ethereum address like so:


Notice the long and strange string of letters and numbers at the end? That's my Ethereum address. You can generate one for yourself here: https://brofistcoin.io/wallet

Now simply change my address to yours and visit the unique URL in your browser. This way the simulator will catch your Ethereum address and when you boot up the BrofistCoin.exe miner, I can track your mining progress and send you some BrofistCoin for your efforts.

Miner controls

The default mining speed is 70% which means it uses 70% of your processor's power.

You can adjust the mining speed by pressing the UP and DOWN keys while the miner is running.

As a precaution I made it so you can't go higher than 90% power. We don't want to kill your processor now do we? In contrast, the lowest possible speed is 10%.

The hashrate you get depends on how powerful your processor is. Notice how the hashrate drops and increases when you adjust the mining speed. Play around with it and see what works best for you.

If you wish to stop mining, make sure you click the X to close the window and kill the mining process. If you open the miner and then open something else, the miner will keep running in the background and the next time you open it, things might get weird. So remember to always close the mining session by clicking the X :)

In fact it's a good idea to start fresh by visiting your unique URL with the Ethereum address attached every time you want to mine.

BrofistCoin earnings

Naturally you might be curious how much BrofistCoin you can earn with this. Well the truth is, I don't know exactly! Let's do some calculations...

This simulator uses the CoinIMP's JavaScript miner which is mining Monero at a rate of 0.00005 XMR / 1,000,000 Hashes. In USD that makes around $0.002 per 1 million hashes.

My laptop has an Intel Core i3 processor which, at 70% mining speed, is getting around 10 hashes per second.

If we divide 1 million by 10 we get 100,000 seconds which is a little longer than 1 day (approx. 27 hours). In other words I need to mine 27 hours straight to earn $0.002 worth of Monero with my laptop.

The USD value for BrofistCoin is around $0.001 at the time of writing so following some basic logic (which I suck at) it should take me exactly half of 27 hours, or 13,5 hours of mining to earn 1 BrofistCoin. So you could say that the current rate for BrofistCoin is 1 PEW / 500,000 hashes!

But don't let that put you off. Your CPU is probably much better than mine so you might mine it faster. And mining cryptocurrencies is a tough business in general. Small time miners simply won't make anywhere near enough to cover the electricity bill.

In that sense, this Crypto Mining Simulator definitely feels like the real deal!

Mining statistics

I haven't yet been able to figure out how to make the GET calls to the CoinIMP servers so I can't display the real time statistics for you just yet. I will keep working on that and if ready, you should see something in the Notifications area in the bottom right corner. Just like in a real Windows system!

For now you should just keep mining. Or not... it's up to you. And I will manually process your earnings when you have mined around 500,000 hashes. Sounds reasonable?

Basically mine 500k hashes and you will find 1 BrofistCoin in your wallet soon :P

Need ETH?

If you message me on Telegram (@brofistcoin) or Discord (brofistcoin.io#6837) or Reddit (brofistcoinio) and tell me that you want to mine ETH instead of BrofistCoin, I will send you ETH as reward instead. Obviously the rate for ETH is much, much lower, but it might be useful if you're new in the Cryptosphere because transactions on Ethereum cost Gas and Gas is always paid for in ETH. If you have no ETH, you can't send BrofistCoin or claim a Meme Awards 2018 meme for example.

So yeah let me know. I will try to match the rate exactly based on USD value without taking a cut from all the Monero you mine for me.

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