It's obvious that memes have become an inseparable part of our modern culture. As such, it is our mission here at BrofistCoin to pave the way for future generation of meme creators and provide them with the tools necessary to create new and original content.

While the development of our own cryptocurrency was the most important aspect of our project until today, it was only the beginning of a much greater journey.

Together we will discover the true powers of Ethereum, Solidity and Smart Contracts and change the landscape of internet memes forever by moving away from the old and broken system towards a new, transparent and decentralized internet.

The skills we are looking for

We are currently looking for developers who know Solidity or are, at the very least, eager and motivated in learning this new programming language on their own.

Additionally our Marketing and Social Media team is always looking for experienced entrepreneurs and freelancers who can help us spread the word about our project.

We are also looking for skilled artists who can create decent 8bit digital art and sprites for our upcoming Ethereum based game.

If topics such as graphic design, youtube video editing, article writing, and Search Engine Optimization fit your area of expertise we will definitely welcome you with open arms.

If you feel that you have something of value to contribute to our project you are welcome to join our Discord chat and introduce yourself. We're actually super friendly!

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